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The New Teen Titans

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Marv Wolfman
Penciller: George Perez
Finisher: Romeo Tanghal
Letterer: Ben Oda
Colorist: Adrienne Roy
Editor: Len Wein

Character List:



A slave ship that Koriand'r is trying to escape from.

Characters Present:

Small Pod Ship

Koriand'r uses it to escape the Gorganian.

Characters Present:

The Wayne Foundation

Starting in Robin's bedroom; he is having a nightmare. Raven appears and convinces him to start up the New Teen Titans. Robin is leaving the buiding and passes Bruce.

Characters Present:

Streets of Gotham City

Robin is riding his bike and following Raven, who is flying.

Characters Present:

Abandoned Apartment Building

Wonder Girl is there to find answers about her past. Flashback to introduce her past. Robin appears with Beast Boy and Raven. Kid Flash appears.

Characters Present:

Newark City College, New Jersey - Track & Field

On the track by the pole vault, Victor is trying to convince his coach to still let him play for the school. His coach says no. The other Titans appear.

Characters Present:

United Nations Plaza in New York

The U.N. plaza is being attacked by Gorganians. The Titans battle them.

Characters Present:

An Apartment in East Village, New York

Grant and Carol's apartment in the East Village.

Characters Present:

Gorganian Ship

Koriand'r is in a sort of containment on the Gorganian ship

Characters Present:

Back on the Ground

The Titans have successfully rescued Koriand'r

Characters Present: