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Overall Character Speech Count Per Season

season 1 graph whole

I was interested to see that Cyborg got the most speeches in the entire season, but it makes sense considering in the episode Car Trouble, he had a significant gap compared to the rest of them. This is probably what gave him the lead. Beast Boy coming in second makes sense, because his lines are usually short but many. I included slade in this measurement because he had the most speeches in two separate episodes in season one.

season 2 graph whole

Robin spoke the most out of anyone in the season, which makes sense because he is the leader of the Titans and he spent a couple episodes battling with Slade. As a whole, everyone'sspeech counts were lower, which is interesting. Terra was added to the list of people talking a lot though, despite not being present in a few episodes. This season was partially centered around her finding her way, attempting to be accepted into the group, and then turning to be Slade's accomplice and fighting against the Titans. I do find it surprising, though, that she spoke more than Raven and Starfire. Raven doesn't talk a lot in general, but Terra speaking more than two of the main crew of people is a little shocking.