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Raven Between the Series and the Comic


Unlike the other Titans, Raven has a unique situation when it comes to her age. She's 18 in the comics as she mentions coming to Earth to form Teen Titans at eighteen. In a reboot comic version of Raven, she's a year younger, in the age range of 16-17. There's not a reason for the age chance as her story doesn't change or differ in the reboot version. In the tv series, Raven is 16, a fact proven by a prophecy of Trigon rising. She's relatively one of the youngest members along with Beast Boy; in the tv series, Beast Boy is youunger, but in the comics, they are roughly the same age. In the most recent adaptation (a live-action version), Beast Boy is actually older, having two years over Raven.

Character Design:

Getting into the physical appearances of Raven, there is a lot of them. First, Raven's hair is short and purple in the tv series, but it's long and black in the comics. Raven's hair grows in a later episode of the tv series, but she cuts it. Another difference is that Raven is wearing a long blue dress in the comics; in the tv series, Raven is wearing a blue leotard. Lastly, Raven is wearing earrings in the comics that don't appear in the tv series. Something we noticed between the two is that Raven's primary color in the tv series is purple, and in the comics, it's blue. Even though they both wear blue, Raven is associated with the color purple a lot in the tv series.


Raven is one of the most mysterious characters throughout the series. She is quiet, troubled, brooding, grim, moody, seemingly emotionless, intelligent, studious, and sarcastic. She can always come up with a smart remark, specifically in reply to most of the Teen Titans' antics and attempts at humor.

Character Background:

Raven's backstory is similar between the tv series and the comics.

Relationship with the Other Titans:

Cyborg: Again, I don't remember Cyborg and Raven in the comics having a close relationship. They did interact more than some of the other titans because they both were living in the Tower, but not that close that they would hang out. In the tv series, I would argue they were the least close out of the Titans. I don't think that means they weren't close because of the effort that went into building the Titans trust in each other, but they don't have any moments of just them two interacting. They fight a lot together on the battlefield because it's their usual formation, and Raven can carry Cyborg whenever flying is necessary. Cyborg's respectful of the space she needs and understands that she likes her quiet, but since he's close with Beast Boy, he tends to get still yelled at a lot. In Season 5, he's worried (along with the rest of the Titans) when she goes missing and values her as an essential member. As mentioned in prior sentences, I can't remember too many hangout times when it just them two, but he is willing to do anything for Raven like going into her mind.

Robin: Similarly to Cyborg, Robin didn't have much of a relationship with Raven in the comics. He was more understanding of her whenever she was being secretive and offered her a shoulder whenever she seemed distressed. In the tv series, Robin and Raven aren't that close until the fifth season, Raven-centered season. Robin shares an understanding of feeling powerless and constantly reminds her how important she is to the Titans. Even when she tries to hide from the others, he still looks for her and goes to great lengths to help her. Raven and Robin both like peace and can share a room without having to feel it with noise. It also tends to be able to read Raven better than the other members, an example being during season 2, episode 5, where he figured out Raven was scared even though she said otherwise. She even hugs him which I think is her way of showing that she trusts them meaning she trusts Robin.

Beast Boy: In the comics, I don't remember them interacting outside of battle. They both lived in the Titans' Tower and probably interacted daily, but the comics didn't do any development on their relationship. Their relationship is strictly platonic in The New Teen Titans. In later comic series, they develop feelings for each other. They get together shortly afterward. They have a couple of bumps along the way. For instance, his past relationship with Terra and her fear of her powers. While they do end up breaking up, they can't stay away and decide to get back together despite Raven's fears. I will provide a link of where I read the development of their relationship; while it comes from an online forum like Quora, I do feel it has some truth to it as I looked up some of the comics mentioned. In the tv series, similar to the comics, their relationship stays platonic. There's not much indicating in the tv series that they planned to make them ever romantic, but a series created by Cartoon Network called Teen Titans' GO! has provided a lot of content with a romantic subtext. Regardless if they were ever supposed to be romantic or not, they're close. This is where opposites attract plays a part in their dynamic. They are very different, but Beast Boy is determined to get closer to Raven and probably hasn't realized that he already did. He goes out of his way to try to cheer her up, and he's constantly trying to get her to hang out with him. Beast Boy has shown time and time again that he gets affected whenever she's in trouble, for instance, when he turns into a beast to protect her, and that he's not afraid to go the extra distance for her. He also gets thrilled whenever she reacts to him even sometimes when it's a negative reaction.

Starfire: In the comics, Starfire is close to the girls in the Titans; she and Raven don't talk or as close as Starfire and Wonder Girl, but they're close. She talks to Raven about her relationship with Robin and respects her advice. They hang outside Teen Titans and have mentioned to each other that they care about each other. In the tv series, they're very close. In the beginning, Raven didn't like Starfire and didn't respond well to Starfire, trying to get to know each other. After the switch bodies, they become closer, caring for each other. They're the only girls in the group, so Starfire tends to go to Raven whenever she has any worries the boys wouldn't get like when Starfire had a pimple. Starfire's the only member who gets to mediate with Raven and gets Raven to open up to her more. They have different personalities, Starfire's optimism versus Raven's pessimism, but they make an effort to understand each other without trying to change each other.

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